One of them ay it?

So I have to ask, are you ok? Have you shrugged off the haze that Sunday left us in?

Carl Ikeme compared the feeling we all felt on Monday to a hangover – you said it Carl.

I won’t go over Sunday’s semi-final defeat because what can be said? We saw it happen before us and we’re still processing the defeat, it does feel like a state of mourning.

I’m not fussed by Troy Deeney’s comments or Ben Foster’s tweet either. It’s their time, they had their say and it’s now for us to be the bigger club and take those moments on the chin and let it fuel our desire to win even more. For what it’s worth, emotion aside, Deeney’s story is remarkable – Sunday was his day. The Watford fans were magnanimous as we queued side-by-side on our way out of Wembley, knowing our rabble I doubt we’d have kept a lid on our emotions as much.

But to use a yam-yam phrase ‘it’s one of them ay it’. The sun still rose on Monday morning and our neighbours down the road even brought a smile to our face on Tuesday night – fair play to them.

It’s mad to think I’m writing this post still hurting from Sunday. I saw a cracking tweet that was a sobering reminder of where this club is at; ‘a bad week for Wolves saw us beat Man United, break our transfer record and lose a semi-final’, it’s stunning really.

In the aftermath of Sunday I was on the Tube and heard a guy say to his mate ‘get used to this’. At first I thought it was the same old self deprecating humour of our fanbase but as we chugged out of Euston I dwelled on that. ‘Get used it’, I could get used to Wembley occasions. I could get used to the buzz we experienced all last week and I could get used to the sense of pride I have seeing my club on a stage such as a cup semi-final.

What made Sunday was while it was the end of our cup run it very much was the beginning of something else. We were seconds away from our first FA Cup final in 59 years, that’s the closest we’ve got in many of our lifetimes, and the reason we hurt is we know we could have done it.

This was no Arsenal in 1998 where we weren’t even plucky losers and accepted we wouldn’t threaten Wembley with an appearance for years. This was our first sniff of glory in many a long time, that first cheeky beer at a family barbecue, that time you climbed the neighbour’s fence and got your ball back unseen, that first time your mom let you go to the shops on your own. Little victories on the way to bigger things – that was Sunday.

I look at when I began writing this blog. We had just been promoted from League One, engaging with the owners was as productive as platting fog and we signed Yannick Sagbo on loan. I could still get a ticket in the South Bank and the only scent of Portugal came from Nandos. Our dream then was to return to the Premier League for which we endured a difficult time in the four years we had previously played there.

Now look at us…no seriously…take a look at us.
In 5 years we went from Stevenage away to Wembley Way. An international squad that plays as if they born with old gold in their veins. A manager who has not just become a figure head of the club but of the city. We’ve owners with ambitions so big Wembley is just the beginning.

Ladies and gents, when I began this blog I lived with a sadness that I would one day never live to see my team play in Europe. Now that is so close I’ve checked to see if the passport is in date.

Yes Sunday was a wounder but the hope and heart of this club in its current form will soon heal it. Embrace the journey – these are the days we sing about.

*I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to read my blog over the last five years. It has very much been a labour of love of mine and I’ve enjoyed engaging with you all immensely. I’m parking the blog for now as I’m taking an exciting step in my career – but who knows it may come back one day.

As I put Cry Wolf to one side I hope everyone continues to support the independent content that is being put out by our fans via blogs, vlogs, podcasts and artwork – it’s all done solely for the love of our club.

Good luck to you all, see you up the match –  Wolves ay we!

2 thoughts on “One of them ay it?

  1. The game left me a bit like a zombie for a couple of days, but my head is clearing now and when I look at where we’ve come from over the last two seasons, it’s hard to be depressed.
    We’re on a steep upward curve and the ride over the next few years will be enthralling.
    Sad to see you’re quitting the blog, if only for a while. I’ve really enjoyed reading your content. Good luck for the future.


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