Should pressure on Zenga surprise Wolves fans?

Reports over the weekend have suggested that head coach Walter Zenga could be out the door at Wolves – and the clocks haven’t even gone back yet.

According to the Sunday People Zenga has two games to save his job and a family trip to Dubai during the international break (especially after back-to-back losses) hasn’t gone down well with owners Fosun.

Many people have dismissed the claims as tabloid paper filler however its author, Neil Moxley, has very good sources inside the Molineux camp and was the reporter who broke the story of the Roger Johnson training ground ‘drunk’ fiasco – he knows his stuff.

To most this story came as a surprise but should it really?

Zenga’s league record stands at four wins, four losses, three draws – hardly something to shout about from the rooftops.

One thing I want to make clear, I like Zenga, I think he is a breath of fresh air to Wolves and I am a fan of his.

And in his defence this is a man who picked up a side a week before the season started, had to work on their fitness and gel together 13 new signings into a squad bereft of confidence.

The noises coming from Compton seem that of positivity to the Italian legend and their response to losing 4-0 at home to Barnsley by later beating Newcastle United on their own patch spoke of a team very much behind their manager.

However Fosun have already shown their ruthless side.

Days after appearing to back Kenny Jackett publically, he and assistant Joe Gallen were sacked and within hours Zenga was appointed.

The glut of signings that followed their takeover also showed a determination to meet their target of Premier League football within two years and there’s no doubt that Zenga would have been aware of this.

While it’s not official, the word on the Molineux Street is touching distance of a play off place is the minimum requirement for Zenga or it could be ‘ciao’ for Big Walt.

Fans have taken a liking to the ex-Azzuri goalkeeper. You couldn’t imagine the queues outside the clubshop for the likes of Jackett, Saunders or Connor.

He’s full of passion and appears to have embraced the Wolverhampton Wanderers culture which has been missing for a long time from the home dugout..

However had Wolves not turned over Birmingham City and Newcastle with such panache this could easily be a whole new story. A defeat to Aston Villa at the weekend followed by a poor result at Brighton and could Fosun be justified in their dismissal?

Despite being softly spoken in their broken English (personified none more so than Jeff Shi) you don’t become a successful and wealthy business without breaking a few egg shells and be sure they won’t be scared to pull the trigger.

A run of four defeats in a row after heavy investment in the squad could see us as far 11 points behind the play off pack (it’s currently five points) which even the most patient of Wolves fan will see as not good enough,.

Ok Zenga has a catchy song and we hope he’ll take us to the Premier, the Premier, the Premier but should we leave our next two games empty handed, that chant may be redundant for our next home game against Leeds on October 22 – maybe like Zenga himself.


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