Time for Zenga to rein in tinkering project

It’s fair to say that Walter Zenga had become a fan favourite at Wolves until Tuesday’s humiliating defeat to Barnsley tested Wolvo-Italiano relations.

Wolves have now stretched their winless streak under Zenga to three games and for the first time this season the Inter Milan legend will be feeling the pressure.

Once again a much changed line-up featured for Wolves and it is this that is becoming a growing concern for fans.

Having lost to high-flying Huddersfield (which on current form is no disgrace) a bizarre decision to make seven changes against Burton followed by a further five against Barnsley has certainly contributed to a drop in form.

What is concerning is while we all got carried away with the foray of signings the logical question was ‘where will all these players play?’

Perhaps we trusted Zenga’s judgement too much. Perhaps we hoped his experience meant he was able to spot where we were going wrong and if by magic ‘here’s a player to remedy that problem’.

Questions have to be asked, why overlook the second half performance at Huddersfield where Wolves had one of the best team’s they’ll face all season on the ropes for 45 minutes?

Has the ‘no pre-season’ excuse papered over the cracks?

What’s for sure, losing 4-0 at home to Barnsley is not something that any team looking to gain promotion should be offering up.

I mentioned this after the game and it drew titters from Tykes fans but even the hardest of Barnsley fans could not have expected to have walked away from Molineux with such ease and with four goals too.

One stat doing the rounds before the game was the number of changes Wolves and Barnsley had made in their last eight games.

For Barnsley it was just 10 for Wolves a staggering 37.

The midfield seems a particular conundrum for Walter. Some weeks it’s Jack Price in there other weeks it’s Joao Teixeira or David Edwards.

But what has happened to Romain Saiss and is Conor Coady better in the centre of midfield or at right back?

Of course that throws up further questions, if Coady plays so well at right back what place for Dominic Iorfa?

The truth is Zenga has tried and tested his rotation experiment and the last three games it has shown it simply doesn’t work.

If ever he wanted an example of how a much change line-up could derail a season he’s only to speak to Kenny Jackett.

Jackett was still experimenting with Wolves’ first eleven long after the play-offs were out of reach.

In Jackett’s defence he didn’t have the wealth of talent on offer that Zenga does now but, even so, a side with that potential can’t be turned over by four in front of its own fans by a newly promoted team.

Now Wanderers face Newcastle on Saturday, a side who smashed QPR for six and the Geordie masses will smell blood.

Zenga is about to go into the biggest week in his Wolves career thus far and the clocks haven’t even gone back yet.

While we have all welcomed Zenga with opened arms with his passion and animation on the side lines now’s the time for Walter to become a man of focus come Saturday.

Newcastle present possibly the worst opponent to come up against in the Championship right now, a victory would soon swing momentum back in Wolves’ favour and the feel good factor would no doubt return.

However looking at the last few games it would take more than tinkering to get something from St James’ Park.

Zenga uses the mantra ‘sometimes you win, sometimes your learn’ he’ll be hoping his squad do both in the next few days.


One thought on “Time for Zenga to rein in tinkering project

  1. What’s for sure wholesale changes are foolhardy at this stage and a settled eleven starting now is the best way forward.

    Do we have too many players? Strength in depth is good for options during a game and injuries/suspensions but not as an excuse to change a team each week.

    WZ must know better then we do who are the best players in training? So pick them based on that.

    I also think WZ should start the players on perm contracts or with champ experience and introduce players on loan slowly, as rightly or wrongly you’d think players on perm contracts have a higher motivational level?

    For Sat I’d go:

    Silvio Baath Stears Doc
    Price Prince Saiss
    Cav Dadi Ola John

    Subs: Iorfa, CBJ, Texiera, Costa, Dicko, Mason

    In my opinion, I also feel we need to go with the new players and unfortunately the likes of Saville, Evans, Coady, Wallace et al have had their chances under KJ and WZ and they aren’t good enough.


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