We’ve been sacking managers for 20 years and progressed no further

Seventy eight hours and 15 minutes.

That’s all we were afforded to bask in Wolves’ impressive derby victory against Blues before Jonathan Kodjia netted the winner for Bristol City and brought Wanderers fans back down to earth.

It has been a deeply frustrating season where Wolves have only managed a maximum run of three games going undefeated.

So much was expected from this term, this should have been the year to take-on promotion but as this blog spoke about last time (Time for Wolves to reassess promotion goal) it would be wise to reassess the aspirations of this season as the circumstances we had in in May are much different.

The defeat against lowly Bristol City, stunk.

And what appears to be the Wanderers tradition when there’s a bad result someone has to be blamed.

With Steve Morgan putting the club up for sale and Jez Moxey unable to spend until January the finger of fury has now been pointed at Kenny Jackett.

The main criticism came on Tuesday night when the head coach hauled off top scorer Benik Afobe and the in-form Nathan Byrne and replaced them with loanees Adam Le Fondre and Grant Holt.

To make matters worse, with Wolves chasing the game, he threw on defender Matt Doherty which prompted chants of ‘you don’t know what you’re doing’ from the away section – it didn’t look like it for sure.

Of course the inevitable came and once the final whistle blew the keyboard warriors circled around Jackett criticising the head coach from every angle.

Many called for him to go – which I can’t take seriously.

But this does not mean I feel Jackett is immune from criticism – absolutely not.

And by no means do I think he did himself favours making the changes he did in a game we needed to win.

However to rip up and start again what the man has built up in two years is at best in poor taste and at worst down right ignorant.

Twitter and Facebook is saturated with these supporters, you know the type.

They offer opinion and ill thought out solutions and anyone who challenges them automatically qualifies as a ‘happy clapper’.

But for me the worst of the ones who become self-appointed figure heads of the legion of Wolves fans online. Some once worked alongside the club, happy to have their pictures with players and management only to turn on said players and management to fish for re-tweets and likes.

Again these people are happy to give opinion but what is their proper solution? Listening to them has to come with a warning.

Sacking Jackett is not a solution to fix Wolves’ season.

Let’s look at the facts.

It would be the same squad, with the same injuries and the same transfer budget whether it was Kenny or Jose Mourinho leading the teams for the rest of the season.

Nowadays when things go wrong there’s an insistence to wipe the slate clean and start building again.

These people have the notion that real life football is some computer game you can delete and start afresh as there is an ever increasing demand for a change in management.

Ever since I began watching Wolves in November 1993 there has been a culture at the club to oust the manager when times get tough.

For more than 20 years the method has been ‘we’ll back the manager – just as long as we’re winning every week’.

This formula simply does not work.

Wolves are in the same division as we were under Graham Turner, Graham Taylor, Mark McGhee, Colin Lee, Dean Saunders and Stale Solbakken.

We’re in the same division where both Dave Jones and Mick McCarthy led us from and ultimately led us back down to.

Only McCarthy was given a significant amount of time and what he did was at least stabilise us in the Premier League before poor results and fan pressure led to his dismissal.

Alex Ferguson in his book ‘Leading’ said there is no proof that consistently sacking your manager achieves any success – and I have to agree.

Take Aston Villa, Newcastle United, Sunderland, Leeds United and Nottingham Forest as perfect examples.

We’ve been sacking managers for more than 20 years, giving each just over two years before they no-longer meet our requirements and it has got us nowhere.

The managers have changed, the players have changed and the board members have changed.

The only thing consistent is the fans and with it comes an unhealthy intolerance to bad form.

As Albert Einsten said ‘the definition of insanity is do the same thing over and over again, but expect different results’.

Wolves would be just as insane to dismiss Jackett with so much to play for.


One thought on “We’ve been sacking managers for 20 years and progressed no further

  1. It’s never been the managers fault, if you want to know where the problem is at Wolves look no further than the CEO. To prove this point the previous comments have outlined the lack of achievement over the last twenty years but just take a look at Stoke City’s achievements since Wolves CEO left there. To me the answer is simple get rid of MOXEY.


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