Steve Morgan puts Wolves up for sale: The 7 questions fans want answering


 It was the news that shocked Molineux to its core and stunned Wolves fans who think they have seen just about everything at WV1.

Monday’s announcement Steve Morgan was to sell Wolverhampton Wanderers and step down from the board left even the most vocal of supporters speechless.

A figure of criticism by many and a man to respect by others there was no doubt the Liverpool-born businessman divided opinion.

He oversaw the highs of two league titles and the lows of back-to-back relegations.

Controversially he stormed the dressing room after a defeat to his beloved Liverpool, made a mess of the hiring and firing of managers and postponed the building of a now lopsided Molineux.

Successfully he revamped the youth academy, broke the transfer record (twice) and invested in numerous projects in the city – but many would argue for his own interests.

And while some will say that that day in Brighton on May 4 2013 should have been the time to put the club up for sale the last two years have seen the good times return making Monday’s announcement even more of a bolt out the blue.

Therefore there are many questions Wolves fans need answers to.

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What caused this sudden sale?

Yes there have been grumbles and yes people have vented towards the owner over a lack of transfer activity but Steve Morgan has been through a hell of a lot worse at Molineux.

In years gone by thousands have chanted against him at matches, organised protests calling for him to leave and even daubed graffiti on the gates of Molineux.

But still he has remained at the helm and took a back seat from the limelight by shying away from interview requests from the local media to crack on with the job in hand.

Rumour was rife on Monday that Morgan had had a spat with Wolves fans prior to kick-off against Preston but it would be surprising if this was the straw that broke the camel’s back if this was at all true. 

He has stated he would only stay if the fans wanted him to stay, well far more want him here than two and a half years ago.

Who would buy Wolves?

The Sunday Times Rich List has Steve Morgan in the top 200 richest people in Britain.

He’s English with a passion for football and believe it or not, owners who are rich, British and with a love of the game don’t grow on trees.

Aston Villa, West Brom and Everton have been on the market for a good while and yet none look close to being bought.

Look at it realistically, if you’re after a football club in the Midlands would you opt for the one with regular and healthy TV income or the one in need of significant investment for promotion?

Are Jez Moxey’s days numbered?

The ‘Morgan & Moxey Out’ brigade would be doing a conga down Waterloo Road if Moxey was to follow Morgan out the door, whether many would join them is another matter.

While the chief executive’s position has never been under threat in the 15 years at the club, a new owner may want to bring in his own people and Moxey could be out on his ear.

However Moxey is highly regarded in the game and removing Wolverhampton’s pantomime villain could be a move a new boss would have to considered carefully. 

Will this effect matters on the pitch?


If anything it could be a welcome distraction. The talk this season has been about Wolves’ lack of form but the chat in the terraces this week will all be about Wolves’ sale.

A run of wins and those calling the season a disaster before the clocks have even been put back will soon chill-out.

But the flip-side is a feeling of negativity or the ‘lull’ Kenny Jackett spoke about weeks ago making its way onto the pitch.

The players, the management and the fans are desperate to have something to cheer about and the longer the drought goes on the more restless supporters will get.

Did the board/management know Morgan was looking to sell?
Jez Moxey sat in front of the Fans’ Parliament a few weeks back and said: “Yes, we have spent money. We always spend money and will continue to spend it.”

It was also revealed that Morgan, Moxey, Kenny Jackett and Kevin Thelwell all had a say on transfers. 

No indications were made that Wolves were to be put up for sale and that there would be a cash flow issue in the future – effectively all was rosey in the Molineux garden.

But if the chief executive had known at this point Wolves were about to be put up for sale then expect Mr Moxey to have an uncomfortable evening when the Fans’ Parliament reconvenes in December.

Trust between fans and the board is something that is still being mended and supporters will only be too happy to put the boot into the powers-that-be if it turns out the wool had been pulled over their eyes.


Will Molineux ever be finished?

In 2010 Wolves announced £40 million plans to turn Molineux into a 36,000 seater stadium.

The Stan Cullis Stand was knocked down and in 2012 was replaced by a two-tier modern stand that dwarfs the surrounding three sides of the stadium

It was the first of three phases and fans were rubbing their hands at a new stadium even though it appeared to come at the cost of squad investment.

In 2012 the second phase was postponed in favour of a revamp of an academy and while that was completed there has been no such indications for the rest of Molineux.

Morgan has said previously he wants to see through the stadium completion but with the club on the market it’s almost certain Molineux will remain how it is for many more years. 

Will Wolves be better off without Morgan?

This is arguably the most important question.

We’ve seen what has happened at Cardiff City, Blackburn Rovers and Leeds United and I’m sure all three would take Steve Morgan without a moment’s hesitation.

But the dream scenario must be an owner with the balls to take Wolves to the next level.

The dream is for an owner to look beyond Wolves as a team who will struggle in the top flight and look to replicate the quality and ambition of Swansea City and Southampton.

If Wolves can land an owner who can do this we’ve been very fortunate but the truth is they are as rare as hen’s teeth and it may be a case of better the devil you know.


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