I couldn’t stand the Wolves Fans’ Parliament, so that’s why I joined


A few
weeks ago I had an email drop in my inbox informing me I’d been selected to be on the Wolves Fans’ Parliament.

I know what you’re thinking, room full of ‘happy clappers’ going through the motions of the club’s PR exercise – believe me I’m with you.

I had applied in hope more so than expectation so I was surprised I got the nod to join.

The surprise wasn’t because I will be part of a select few with a direct channel to the powers-that-be at Molineux.

My surprise is because I have been such an open critic of the FP in the past.

Some months ago I was challenged on a Wolves fan forum to stop complaining about it and join. But they didn’t need to challenge me, by that point I had grown increasingly frustrated with it and I had plans to apply during the off-season which I duly did.

My view on the FP is that it’s not a terrible idea.

If the club is going to be held to account in a fair way and listen to fans (which has to be the whole point of the FP or well…what is the point?!) then a room full of people nodding and agreeing with every word is not going to achieve that. 

This doesn’t mean for a second I’ll be clambering on tables and arguing for the sake of arguing and challenging to the point of looking a prat – far from it. 

The questions addressed in the FP have to reflect the feeling from of the fanbase.  They have to be brave and willing to put a nose or two out of joint and I’m not so sure this has always been the case.

I’ve read through every minute of last season’s FP meeting and some of the questions posed seemed to serve self interest and not the Wolves supporters as a collective (don’t get me started on the guy complaining of a lack of pies when he turned up to a game late one time).

But this is where I need the help of the Cry Wolf readers…we’ll call you The Pack from now on.

The impression the FP has portrayed is that of a room full of ‘yes men’ advised to go along with the club’s narrative in return for an evening out at the stadium and a cuppa tea.

If that’s not the case, why does it come across that way? 

One thing I’d like to see is more mixed representatives from the club’s board in attendance rather than just Jez Moxey.

In fact some years ago when rumours were rife of a protest outside Molineux, Steve Morgan attended the FP and also took questions from fans via a webchat. It cleared the air and our owner was able to put his side of the story. People felt better for simply being heard. It’s a wonderful thing communication, isn’t it? 

Back to this year the next meeting is September 15 and this is a chance for The Pack to put forward their issues to be addressed at the FP.

I’ve already had some through so far and you have until Friday September 11 before they’re submitted to the club ahead of the meeting. 

Look, let’s be honest, we all love to have a moan about the Wolves well it’d be even better if those moans brought action.

I’m one of those moaning gits who couldn’t stand the FP, so that’s why I joined, so take advantage of me being on it.

Twitter, Facebook, Email. Let’s have our say heard, or at least try. 



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